How to make mailing labels from an Excel spreadsheet

Address Labels using Excel and Word 

  1. To start the mail merge for labels, you should have a list of all the addresses. I put all my addresses in an Excel spreadsheet with specific columns for first, middle, and last name, address, city, state, and zip code,





  1. Now let’s open up Word 2010 and click on the Mailing tab all the way on top.




  1. Click on Start Mail Merge and then select Labels. Please don’t worry if your window looks a little different and you have bigger icons on your toolbar. My Word 2010 window was resized and was not maximized so it was only trying to fit as many options as possible in the space I was allowing.



  1. Once you click on Labels, a Label Options window opens. Go ahead and select the Product Number:   5160 Easy Peel Address Labels.



      5.  After you hit OK, click on Select Recipients and then select Use Existing List. We are going to use that list I mentioned in step 1.

      6. Point to the location where the excel spreadsheet is located. As you can see, my list is on a desktop in a folder called Addresses. Select your spreadsheet and click on Open.



       7. Select the appropriate Table – (usually Sheet 1 )



       8.  After you click OK, your Word 2010 document should look like this. You should see each separate label.




      9.  There are two ways of adding the addresses to our labels:
           a. The first one is to click on the Address Block




  • When you select the Address Block, you need to make sure the format is what you want and that all the fields you want are included. In the example below we select the format with the middle initial, but when we scroll down to record 4, for Lisa, we notice that her apartment number is not listed. In order to include it, we need to manually match fields. So if you are in similar situation, go ahead and click on Match Fields.





  • After looking at Address 2 on the left, I noticed that (not matched) is currently selected. I will click on the arrow pointing down and select my AddressLine2 field from my Excel sheet to make sure the apartment number is going to be included in the address. After that I click OK.



  • Now double check that the format with middle initial is still selected, make sure the apartment number is showing for my record for Lisa – all looks good – click OK.





  • Now you can see Address Block on my first label. Time to click on Update Labels. On my window all you see is a little icon that, when you point to it, says “Update Labels.” If your Word 2010 window is maximized you will see the icon with the words “Update Labels.” Go ahead and click on it.





  • This is what it should look like after updating labels.





  1. Alright, it’s time to click on Finish & Merge!




You are ready to print your labels!

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